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Argumentative Essay - Leech Therapy

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Essay Preview: Argumentative Essay - Leech Therapy

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Argumentative Essay

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                                                       Leech Therapy

     Over the years, despite of the other treatments, various types of traditional therapy have been used by people. One of the significant kind of conventional therapy is hirudotherapy in which people are treated by leeches. As states in What is Leech Therapy article, the leeches have been using in medicine for a long time. Jenny Hills reports in his Leech Therapy and Its Health Benefits, in the past, leech therapy was utilized to expel blood from a patient as a section of a procedure to adjust blood in human body. According to The Amazing Health Benefits of Medicinal Leech Therapy article, in the beginning of the 20th century the popularity and usage of them dropped all of a sudden because it did not fit the requirements of modern medicine. Nevertheless, now, modern medicine uses leech therapy very often. Leech therapy is advantageous for treating many problems such as cardiovascular and vascular systems, surgical procedures and cancer;however, doctors claim that leech therapy has negative sides like excessive blooding.

     One of the advantages of leech therapy is that it helps cardiovascular and vascular problems. This term belongs to people who have impact on the work of cardiovascular system espicially on the arteries,veins and heart. According to Leeches and Medical Use, the cardiovascular and vascular systems really get help from leech therapy because of all the bioactive substances.Some of the substances can make vessels bigger, thin blood, and stop clotting. In addition, hirudotherapy or medicinal leech therapy can be utilized as an effective treatment for cardiovascular problems since leeches’ saliva should be able to increase blood flow and enhance hyperalgesia (expanded affectability for agony) in connective tissues.

     The second is it can help in surgical procedures and microsurgery. Every surgery can finish with side effects. Seeping from little veins may happen as an outcome of surgery. This can cause the demise of cells in the tissue. According to physicians of  Stanford University, this therapy can secure the welfare of tissues during surgical procedures. In addition, the leech is priceless in microsurgery when someone encountered with the difficulties of reconnecting tiny veins. For example, According to Leech Therapy article, in the past, ears have such small vessels that no one could successfully reconnect them. Then, in 1985, a Harvard physician faced an important obstacle in reattaching the ear of a five-year old child; the small veins kept clotting. He decided to use leeches and the ear was protected. At last, according to study published in the British Journal of Plastic Surgery, medicinal leeches were used successfully after surgery.

     The most important advantage of leech therapy is it treats cancer. Researchers trust that the mix of numerous materials in leeches’ saliva ought to have the capacity to supplant cancer drugs. Studies in Flinders University have found that a composite substance in their saliva acknowledged as ghilanten may forestall the emergence of prostate cancer,lung cancer, melanoma and breast cancer. Also, hirudin is a substance which is inherently create in the salivary organs of therapeutic leeches has a strong power to fight against cancer. According to a 2004 study published in Healthylife newspaper, hirudin greatly inhibited tumor growth and also inhibited seeding into the blood and systematic organs.



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