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Argumentative Essay on Interracial Marriages

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Essay Preview: Argumentative Essay on Interracial Marriages

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Argumentative Essay on "Interracial Marriage". "Say Yes" by Tobias Wolff

Interracial marriage is a con more than it is a pro since i share the same school of thought with Tobias Wolff character Ann's husband "how can you understand someone who comes from a completely different background?" And also because there are more factors at play that opposes a prosperous interracial marriage compared to an intra-racial marriage. Some of these factors are discussed below.

The major factor is stigmatization of skin colour from close relatives and the society at large. Especially in the case of a white and a black, there would be a strong impact of stigma and discrimination felt against the black counterpart from the stereotypical whites on the side of the white counterpart or vice versa. If action is not taken to elude this factor, it shall result in ending of the marriage. Why is there stigmatization of skin colour? Because of the whites, who are still stereotypes and are not independent minded, thinks or claims that they are more superior than the blacks. As much as nations across the world claims that the stigma and discrimination of skin colour is no more, the harsh truth stands that the stigma is still felt in many of these world nations but in a suppressed level.

Another factor will be culture differences i.e. varying lifestyles. This is a stressful factor since there will be conflicts between the two varying lifestyles i.e. what one partner sees to be acceptable, the other will see it to be unacceptable. Or maybe the manner in which one partner does things can be unbearable to the other partner. This will make co-habitation difficult and stressful.

Another factor acting against interracial marriage would be misunderstanding or ignorance of one another background in the context of environment (includes resources available, state quo and surrounding) and culture and traditions. This factor would be more adverse in interracial marriage as compared to intra-racial marriage, because there are lesser or no things that are in common when comparing their backgrounds especially if they are of different nationality. When one of them fails to understand or is not aware of the background of the other then it means he/she has also failed to understand or to know the other genesis and up-bring which is more important in knowing or understanding the aggregate behavior, perception, attitude and feelings of the other. As majority of us know, our backgrounds are very instrumental in shaping us into what we have become. This is factor is cause by lack of seriousness and interest in studying one another background. This leaves us to ask ourselves the question," how many couples take seriousness in knowing and understanding the background one another?" The answer is a few. Many claims to know and understand one another and in the real sense they know little or nothing



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