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Arizona Life

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Essay Preview: Arizona Life

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How did I end up right here with you

after all the things that I been through

it's been one of those days

you tryin' forget about

take a shot and let it out

let's get right

now that I'm here baby...


show me a good time

(oh yeah, oh yeah)

show me a good time

(oh yeah, oh yeah)

show me a good

show me a good

show me a good time

(oh yeah, oh yeah)

[Verse 1]

I live for the nights that I can't remember,

with the people that I won't forget

spending all the money I just work my ass off

for the things that I won't regret

I've been waiting way too long long long long

tellin' everybody that I know we about to be on on on on

I ain't tryin' look like I lie to these niggas that I came up with

that's my team, never would I let a woman come between

what we doing right now

this our dream, Wu Tang Clan niggas want that cream

I'm the Osirus of the shit right now

go to guy for the hits right now

whatever you wanna drink girl pick right now

if you can't hold your liquor you better quit right now



[Drake - Verse 2]

How 'bout you and all your morals in that outfit that you borrowed

make the most out of tonight and worry bout it all tomorrow

understand girl, we fam girl

can't get me right and I do Wayne

Cash money young money pop champagne

Presidential suite girl Barrack Hussain

Tell me can we kick it like



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