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Arrive in the Americas

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Essay Preview: Arrive in the Americas

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The irish were the first ones to come because of the food scarce specially the potatoes, when they first came to the americas, they came very poor, they had no money to live in cities, instead they lives all cramped in little houses (thats what they could afford) in the areas of New York and Boston... this got them very desperate and they started to look for jobs they didn't care how much they would earn. They sometimes got jobs at local factories They were also discriminated and they were not treated very well because of their religion (catholics).. This also had to do a lot with them not earning money, and making it hard to get jobs..

The second to arrive in the americas were the Germans. They were able to afford places away from the city, they were mostly farmers, and this gave them a head start in working in industries and the production of farming, the germans had their own cultures, they liked being together, the started to create their own churches, schools, and made it very friendly o other germans could come..

Then the chinese came, all they wanted was the gold:] who wouldn't haha!!..anyways and they worked in mines at very minimum wages, they were very cheap and they didn't care if they got paid very little so many were hired on railroads,and they were the mainly persons that created the Central Pacific Railroad they had their own communities, and their cultures they were very focus on it..

I would definitely like the germans because they knew a little more and didn't have that much trouble in the americas, getting jobs for them was easy and were very determined in building their new life in america they build nice communities

So I think that the immigration was very important in building the american history thanks to them there is a lot of diversity and they helped in the economy, as well as in helping with labor that lead us to the market expansion, and now we have all these different cultures religions belief I mean I do think it was important....



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