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Assessing Modern American Culture Paper

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Essay Preview: Assessing Modern American Culture Paper

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Assessing Culture

I arrived in a Colorado today after a long journey I am tired and scared. My surroundings don't look like anything I am use to. There are big buildings surrounding me and are metal boxes on four wheels that are always going really fast past me and no one will talk to me. When others pass me they look at me with a strange look on their face.

I see a lot of objects and food that look like some of the stuff I had back home. In one person's home there is a picture box that has sound coming from it and people are eating in front of it (Landow, 2006). Another house has children in front of the picture box holding something in their hands swaying side to side yelling and talking to the picture box. The last house I looked in was a family where everyone was sitting at the table eating together. This to me is what I miss most about home. Sitting around the table with my parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, and other family members talking about what happened in the field that day, the weather, or who just had a baby. It was the best part of the day being able to regroup as a family and share what everyone is thankful for.

This makes me excited to find my family and share with them what I have seen and how much I have learned since coming to town. While on my way I stop at a local eatery because I am hungry and thirsty and realize that a lot of the food that I am use to eating is still served but it does not look the same and there is so much food that I take some with me to last me the rest of the day.

After eating I venture out to find my family and the first thing I see when I look up out of the eatery is a big sign with one of those metal boxes on it. I got so scared that I thought it was going to fall down on me. I must have looked really frightened that a law officer stopped to help me. I told the officer that I was looking for my family, he was real nice. The officer took me back to his office and on this desk was a white box that had one of those pictures on it like at the people's houses. In this box he poked at this rectangle thing and found the name and street number where my family was living. After arriving at my family's home I am greeted by my twelfth generation great grandson Mark and his family he has two children one daughter Mary that is fifteen and a son Jack that is thirteen and a lovely wife Susan.

At first look it is scary to walk into their home because there was a lot of stuff everywhere and the house was so big. Once I got settled into the guest room that was the size of my whole home I found my way down to the main level of the home to the kitchen to help cook supper for the family. I opened the ice box and there was no food in it. I ask Susan if she needed help to catch supper and Susan kindly stated that she was just going to order in pizza. I do not understand this ordering thing; the next thing I knew was there



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