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Gender Codes in American Culture

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Essay Preview: Gender Codes in American Culture

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Being muscular or athletic might be the aim for most men in 21st century. In this ad, we can clearly see his defined body. He is in good shape, and we might guess that he cares about his body by his muscles. Also, we can see another message that this ad delivers to us, which is his hairstyle. He has short hair which is the same hairstyle as most of the athletes. People who love sports may have short hair because it is comfortable and refreshing for them. If they have long hair, and when they perspire, their hair might stick on their face and it is really uncomfortable and leaves a dirty feeling. Therefore, because of this reason, I think it could also increase consumers who love sports.

According to Maasik and Solomon in "Gender Codes in American Culture", they state "a gender code has been guiding your life since you were born. For example, a gender code impels parents to give their female children dolls (to prepare them their adult lives as mothers) and to give their male children sports equipment, toy guns, and violent video games (to prepare them male children for the active and aggressive role that men are supposed to take in society.)" (452). We can regard gender code as a limited idea for people. Men are usually viewed as intellects, which is far away from being innocent. Innocence is usually an adjective for little kids or women, because kids don't know much about things, and in most females are dependent or are in need to be protected which makes them fit the word innocent, but in this ad we can see this man with a smirk on his face which can make me think he is innocent while he is in the water. And we can no



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