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Basic Bible on Christ

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The Miracles of Christ

Introduction: A Miracle is a major mode in which Christ relates to the ongoing world. Miracles are a step beyond Special Providence. Special Providence is when Christ intervenes with the world by redirection the already natural means. So Miracles are when Christ just bypasses and overrides natural laws. This directly produces effects without any certain natural causes.


* That is the effect it produces is observable to our senses. For example we can see and feel a healed body, see a floating head and taste a full basket of bread. Think about how you would feel if you saw those things....you would probably shout "it's a Miracle!" And for once you could actually mean that.

They are Contrary to Natural Law:

* They overrule and bypass any natural law. They interrupt it. In other words something will happen that cannot be explained. The effect can yes be a natural thing, but the process getting there was not. It was an instant effect instead of the Natural long process of healing a body or providing food.

It Serves as a Sign:

* This means that is can be the evidence, proof, and confirmation of the revealed truth it accompanies. In Hebrews 2:3-4 the word signs is used for miracles. The reason for this is because they are visible works of Christ that are contrary to natural law. Another term used in the scripture above is Wonders. This is a common term because they do seem supernatural. Mark 2:10 gives the reason for miracles through Jesus' words "So that you may know".


* I am going to split you guys into Four Groups. Each of you are going to look a different miracle performed by Christ. Group one will look at John 2:1-11. Group two will look at Matthew 9:27-31. Group three will look at Matthew 8: 23-27. Finally group four will look at Matthew 14:14-21. You will tell me what the miracle is, is it visible?, how is contrary from natural law, and how is it a sign? Also if there is any other scriptures related. I'll give about ten to fifteen minutes for this.

Discussion for Activity:

Group One: This miracle is when he changes water to wine. Yes it is visible. In natural law water cannot in any way become wine without a process. It was a sign for Christ's Glory.

Group Two: This miracle is when he restores sight to the blind man. Yes it is visible in the sense of the fact hat the man can see and you can see him rejoicing in the fact. Natural law, well there really isn't any cure for the blind. Yes we have that Lasik surgery but that wont help someone who cant even see with glasses. You tell me the sign.

Group three: This is the miracle of



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