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The Love of Christ and the Love of the World

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Essay Preview: The Love of Christ and the Love of the World

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I was born in a Christian family, being around with Christians and celebrate Christmas Day together is the way I was brought up. We were taught of the love of Christ, who died for our sins on the cross for everyone, even when we don't deserve his mercy and grace. My dad is a Christian and he has a very strong faith in God. I wasn't taught to date at an early age neither was I taught to put on make ups. We were very simple, we lead a joyous life.

Three years ago, I came to Japan. I was 19. I came to know the real world who lacks of the knowledge of Christ. People made up what is love by themselves, Hollywood taught us what is love. Thus, people thought they knew what is true love when all around that came by and by, what people seek is the lust of the flesh. As I walk my life in Japan, studied the language in Tokyo and finally, came to Kyushu to further my studies at a university. I learn that it's amazing to learn the nature of human. We are truly made by God. Even a non-Christian man knows that when they had sex intercourse, they became one flesh with his partner. They knew they are to share the same bed, same food, same drink, same bathtubs, and to do things together. As for girls, it is their nature to want emotional intimacy, I think they yearn for something more fulfilling than the lust of most man gave to them. This thirst of the soul can only be quench by the love of Christ.

Love between human can be like a fire, there can be so much passion and so much harm and pain when it ends. The love between God and us is more beautiful, the love He gave never fails, God never forsaken us even when we think He does. Jesus Christ died on the cross for all of our sins so that we may learn to forgives, to repent from sinful acts, and to accept who he is. Christ is the alpha and the omega of our lives. Let us not turn our eyes away from him, for the deepest of our heart longs for him.

I love God. I love man. When a man knows no God, he can never know what is love except what is lust for the nature of a heart is sick. Glory to God.



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