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Behavior Change Goal

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Essay Preview: Behavior Change Goal

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Austin Wagner

HES 100

Behavior Change Goal

        There are plenty of goals I could have set for myself before the semester ends, but my main goal is to work out a minimum of five times a week. Constantly working out was an activity I used to do all of the time. I have been involved in club soccer for twelve years and am currently playing for the Mesa Thunderbirds. I chose working out as my goal because I do find it to be simple and realistic. It’s not a crazy goal I can’t achieve it is something I do believe I can do for myself. I have picked my girlfriend Kenna as my support person. Kenna is a freshman at Northern Arizona University and I see her about every two weeks, but I do communicate with her everyday. Since we do talk everyday, I think she would be a great support to help achieve my goal and I know she will push me to do my absolute best. The three days I have picked are nearing the end of the next three months. This will show my progress at the end of each month. A huge reason I chose working out as my goal was because it will help better my performance in my soccer games. I plan on playing soccer for at least a couple more years and constantly working out will better me in many different ways. My family has also had a history of health problems and I figure working out will help prevent these problems. A healthy lifestyle will lead to a longer and happier life. A couple advantages to to my goal would be more muscle, a stronger build and stronger cardio vascular. I find all of these things important in living a healthier life. A main disadvantage would definitely be how much of my time will be taken up. I already am enrolled in classes, apart of the school’s soccer team, and busy with family and friends. Working out will be done in my free time which I don’t have much of these days. Working out and becoming healthy also goes along with eating healthier. Meal prep and choosing the right foods will also be a huge time consumer. I plan to stay self motivated and whenever I am feeling lazy that is my cue to go and workout. I know when I start seeing results it will start to pay off and I will know my goal has been achieved.



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