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Behavioural Patterns in Teenagers and Adults

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Essay Preview: Behavioural Patterns in Teenagers and Adults

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or her consumer behaviour. Culture was seen to consist of basic behavioural patterns, which exist in a society.

Consumers may be subdivided into three ethnic dimensions:

Race: Racial subcultures are made up of people with a common biological heritage involving particular physical distinctions. Nationality: People with common national origin constitute another ethnic subculture. Religion: Religious subcultures are composed of people with a common and unique system of worship.

When we consider subcultures as Asian, it is essential to understand the concepts of assimilation and acculturation. Assimilation refers to a person being taught some but not all of the attitudes, values, and behaviours of another culture. Acculturation results when a person has taught the full range of culture’s patterns, to the extent that these new attitudes, values, and behaviours exhibit greater strength than those of one’s original culture.

The Youth Subculture: The youth market is a significant subculture for the marketer. The youth are often considered to be those between the ages of 14 to 24, The youth market is important to the marketers not only because it is lucrative, but also because many consumption patterns held throughout life are formed at this time, and also because of the public policy implication of marketer’ activities directed at younger people during their formative years.

Demographic Characteristics: (i) size, (ii) income and spending, Psychographics Characteristics

Teenagers are similar to adults. They are (i) socially driven- they have the highest disposable incomes, are the most brand-conscious, spend to match with peers and clothing to give them status. (ii) diversely motivated- they are the most energetic, adventurous, and cultured, and are equally as comfortable in solitary activities as in group ones. (iii) Socio-economically introverted- They like solitary activities and spend money on products and services for use in these pursuits. (iv) Sports-oriented- they represent the biggest market for sports and home video equipment.

The Older Subculture: Although business people have painted a glowing picture of the opportunities in the youth market, the opposite end of the age spectrum has been largely neglected by marketers and frequently by society itself. They also needed to be studied to und



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