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Benefit of Illegal Immigration

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Benefits of Illegal Immigration

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Benefits of Illegal Immigration

One topic that has been very controversial in America is the issue of illegal immigration. When many Americans think of illegal immigrants they think of the negative aspects they bring with them. However illegal immigrants counterbalance the U.S. economy. A positive aspect of illegal immigration is they assist with the stabilization of America's financial systems. Immigration benefits America in numerous ways; they provide a ready supply of cheap labor, illegal immigrates aid with product consumption and stabilization, and their contributions to U.S. taxes.

One of the most thought of benefit of illegal immigration is that, immigrants provide companies with a ready supply of inexpensive labor. In the U.S. there is a shortage of unskilled labor; illegal immigrants are filling these positions (Vang, 2007). The unskilled labor positions in U.S. are not wanted by Americans because they are physically demanding and the pay is low. Illegal immigrants are willing to work in these positions because they are unskilled themselves and need money. Vang (2007) gives and example of illegal immigrants benefits on Americas agricultural sector. "There are more low-skilled workers willing to work per acre of land, this allows farmers to be able to utilize their labor set and harvest more crops per acre in which ultimately makes their land more expensive" (Vang, 2007, Pg. 2). Illegal immigrants are doing jobs that American citizens deem undesirable; these jobs still need to be done to assist the economy.

Another benefit of illegal immigration is that the immigrants assist with America's product consumption and services. More materials are being purchased because there are more people in America; illegal immigrants purchase goods and services. Many people will argue that they are not actively contributing to the tax situation in America, however when they purchase goods and services they are paying taxes on what they are purchasing. Gordon (2007) mentions that when more people are purchasing products including illegal immigrants, this keeps the prices low and the demand high. Immigrants purchase normal necessitates such as food, cloths and water from local suppliers which benefits the local and national economy.

Illegal immigrants provide an advantage to the companies and employers they work for. When a company employs an illegal immigrant they are not obligated to provide a benefits package to them. Alexander (2008) explains that with American citizens, companies have to provide health care benefits; with



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