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Cja 464 - Policy Analysis - Illegal Immigration

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Essay Preview: Cja 464 - Policy Analysis - Illegal Immigration

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Policy Analysis


Policy Analysis

There are many issues and changes that criminal justice agencies deal with new crimes, new laws, and new policies and these vary, depending on the era that we are in. There are many public policy issues, and this again may vary depending on where they are in the country. In certain states there are some policy issues that do affect the public, and this is illegal immigration, illegal immigration is becoming a huge problem in America and there are different policies depending on what state. For example Arizona, California, Florida, Texas, these are bordered states and have big issues with illegal immigration.

Illegal immigration is a serious problem in America, and has been for quite some time and it continues to get worse. Illegal immigration is the migration of foreign citizen into the United States. They enter this country, and they do not get the legal documentation that would allow them to legally stay in America. Policy makers have tried many ways to prevent this issue from being a policy. Immigration policies have been put into effect for quite some time and during this time it has been scrutinized since their exception. Immigration was and still continues to be a serious problem even though policies have been put into place. The illegal immigrants are violating the laws of jurisdiction of which ever stat they illegally enter. Illegal immigrants are people who are seeking a better life whether it is education, or jobs, or even to be with other family members.

There are many states that have major immigration problems; Texas is one of those states. The population in Texas grew 12% from 2000 to 2006, and 226% was directly contributed to immigrants (Fair, 2011). The illegal alien population in 2005 was at 1,618,000 which are the second in the United States; this is about an average of 55% over what the United States estimate of 1,041,000 in 2000 and 269% above the 1990 estimate of 438,000. There is a large amount of illegal immigrants that come into the United States around 10 million people that come in undocumented aliens that reside in America and that number continues to grow every year (Fair, 2011). This high number could be a powerful statement to the attractiveness of the United States; however it is very scary to know that our borders are that easy to come across.

Everyone is affected by the fast growing illegal immigration whether it is legal or illegal. The amount of people in the United States that are unemployed is a big problem and the American Labor Unions were put into place in order to help the people of America, however it seems as if the opposite is happening these unions with the help of congress in granting illegal immigrants amnesty and stop enforcing laws that that stop the hiring of illegal immigrants (Fair, 2011). The jobs are scarce and should be held for the American people or the immigrants who are legally in this country but not the



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