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Benefits of Controllable Video

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Essay Preview: Benefits of Controllable Video

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Creative Topic: Benefits of Controllable Video

Speech Goal: To inform my audience about some of the major benefits of videogames.


According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, videogames are defined as “An electronic game in which players control images on a video screen.”

Thesis: Most people think that videogames only have negative effects on the human body. However, videogames have positive effects as well. It is much more than just for entertainment; videogames aide in an individual’s cognitive development. According to (Edith Arrington), “Cognitive development describes the way in which individuals learn about and perceive themselves and their environment." Such development may include, teaching new technical skills for tactile development, improve critical thinking, reading comprehension and social skills, and it may also be used has a means of financial support.


First main point: Videogames help to teach new technical skills for tactile development.

SD 1: Videogames help players make faster decisions. The military takes advantage of this fact when training personnel for war, where they must make split second decisions that determine whether they live or die by strengthening this ability through gaming. This is more so the case since videogames have gotten so advanced, and so many war-based games have been developed, where players are forced to adapt quickly to changing situations. According to (Charles Choi), “Scientists have found that action gamers apparently are better at making quick and accurate decisions, ones based on details they extract from their surroundings,” than non-gamers.

SD 2: Videogames are used as treatment for diseases such as autism. Spectrum disorder individuals often lack motor skills, which can be improved by playing videogames that require physical movement. For example, Nintendo Wii is a game console that allows you to control your virtual character using your body. So, one must learn how to control their body in order to play the games. Other games which involve a touchscreen may also help to refine their motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

SD 3: Videogames are being used as a teaching tool. For example, surgeons that perform laparoscopies, robotic surgeries, and other related surgeries are given interfaces that are controlled by a joystick, buttons or both. This kind of training helps to strengthen surgical skills.

Transitional sentence: Videogames do not only help to develop individual’s tactile development., but it helps to improves an individual’s critical thinking and reading comprehension and social skills.

Second main point: Videogames can improve an individual’s



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