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Biblical Worldview Perspective

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A Worldview is how we look at the world around us; it's our perception of how we see things. It's a person's viewpoint and the core values that are brought to the table when making decisions.

From a Biblical Worldview perspective mankind was created by God therefore coming from God and also created in his image alone. God exists and always has existed; he created mankind out of nothing, speaking mankind into existence (Genesis 1:1, Psalm 33:6, 9). In Christianity we as humans are believed to have been created for a higher and more unique purpose than that of other living things and materials. We are set aside to take care of the earth and all things within in it (Psalm 8:5, Genesis 2:15).

Man's main purpose is to know God and to create a relationship with him. (Deuteronomy 11:13) Christians are called to serve him with "all your heart and with all your soul." (Leviticus 19:18) Though it may be difficult at times Christians are also called to "love your neighbor as yourself." Together those form a complete purpose that sets aside Christianity from many other religions.

Since we were created in God's image our moral and ethic standards are based upon who God is. God is the absolute truth and the divine and holy standard. We as mankind have been born as sinners since the beginning of creation and cannot save ourselves unless we have placed our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. (Psalm 51:5, John 3:16). Though many religions believe that works are the way to their divine God, Christianity is based upon the relationship developed with God.

Depending on whether or not you created a relationship with God and accepted the truth the bible holds depends on whether you end up in Heaven or Hell. Your choice is based upon your own free will and willingness to know God. Heaven and Hell are places where you live after you die for all of eternity. You can live in Heaven, which is where you'll live in the presence of God or in Hell which is without God and separated from him for the rest of eternity (Revelation 21:1-7, 20:11-15).

I've worked quite a few years with many kinds of people. I have always found it in my best interest to be as honest and morally sound as possible. Though it's hard to "love your neighbor as yourself" the rewards are always much more worthwhile in the end if you do. I struggle at times but when my worldview needs adjusting I do so. With a moral and honest Worldview it makes it easier to make important decisions such as deciding the best route to take in your life or career. With better perceptions and understanding that the bible provides it makes your decisions to be more beneficial to you and others.



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