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Biblical Worldview

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A biblical Christian worldview is a view of the world with its foundation in the truth Christ has provided for us with the Bible. It requires us to utilize the following main principles to shape our actions and decisions.

The first principle is the question of origin. The Bible tells us (English Standard Bible, Gen. 1:1) that God created all things. This means that everything, the heavens, the earth, and everything within the earth was created by one force which is God. Also in the Bible, King David speaks about his body being formed and molded by God, and how his days had been created by God even before they became reality (Ps 139:13-16). This leaves only one answer to the origin of mankind, and that is God and God only.

The second principle is the question of identity. Finding out what it means to be human and where we are ranked in the scale of living creatures could be a forboading task, but thankfully God provided the truth for us to find in the Bible. Here, it is said that we were given dominion over all things created by God (Ps 8:5-8), and that we were created in the image of God and given dominion over every living thing (Gen 1:27-28). With this power that he has bestowed upon us, we are responsible for these living creatures he has left for us and that our duty is to take care of their needs (Gen 2:15).

The third principle brings in to question why we exist as humans. Christianity beleives that the reason for our existence is to develop a relationship with God. He wants a deep and personal relationship with us so that we will live our lives in a way that glorifies Him (Rev 3:20). If we keep His truth close and love him, he will love us and stay with us like the scripture states in John 14:23.

Fourth, is the question of morality and how to know what is right and what is wrong. In Christianity we use God’s truth, the Bible, to help us decifer what is right and wrong. The Bible tells us that scripture is God’s word, and with this word we will be able to use it to teach and correct our behaviours (2 Tim 3:16). If we walk by these truths and the spirit of God, he will reward us (Gal 5:16).

Lastly, the fifth principle question for us to answer is what our destiny will be. Scripture teaches us that after death there are two eternal places for us to go, and where we go will depend on our works as Christians when we were living. Heaven will be our destiny if we are good and faithful servants of God, and Hell will be our eternal damnation if we are not. Heaven is our inheritance as Christians (1 Peter 1:4). For those that do not follow His word, he promises punishment and everlasting destruction (2 Thes 1:9).



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