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Personal Biblical Worldview

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My personal biblical worldview is based on my belief that God exists and that he is the standard by which we measure everything else. I also believe that the bible is God's divine inspired word revealed to mankind. Although I am sometimes torn because I feel that disciples (men) wrote the words God spoke but like anything else after God spoke his words, were they written as he spoke them or was there some information interpreted differently? How accurate were the disciples in retelling Gods words? That is not to say that I don't take heed to the stories and lessons that the bible teaches. I feel it is a tool we should use to learn and teach moral and values and when confronted with issues of everyday life it does serve as a guide.

I believe that much of what is in the bible is true but I know that I can read a verse in the bible and interpret what it means to me and someone else can read the very same verse and interpret what it means to them. In example, I once sat through a church service where the minister read a verse in the bible where it refers to women and how they should dress when attending church. I do believe in dressing appropriately for the occasion but his entire sermon was ridicule to the women in church that we should not be allowed to wear pants or jeans in church. After listening to that service I was appalled and disgusted and never returned. Because he failed to mention the verse in the bible where it says "God says: come as you are." I feel that many people who teach the word often use passages they choose because of some personal want or need and don't necessarily look at issues objectively and teach what is there.

I feel that many bible lessons correlate with the lessons that can be taught in today's society. When I do go to church I am amazed at how my minister can read a story or quote a verse straight from the bible and always be able to make the connection from the story in the bible to issues that we face today. It is very uplifting and comforting to learn lessons from the bible and receive encouragement in the sermon from my minister.

Honestly, I don't take enough time to read or study the bible so I cannot say I know many verses in the bible I just know that there are a lot of good lessons to be learned from it. Ultimately it is a guide for life. I like to try to focus on living day to day and doing what I know in my heart is right. I try to always treat people the way I want to be treated. I love and honor my parents. I love and honor my husband and try my best to raise my children to be responsible, respectful and truthful. I feel we all should try to live in the image God has created.

I believe curriculum can be centered on the principles of the bible. Like, doing unto others as you would have them do unto you. Although, we can no longer teach scriptures or lessons from the bible the lesson from the bible remain consistent with issues concerning today's society.

Curriculum has made major transformations throughout time and continues to make changes even now. When my parents were in school they prayed and learned and studied passages from the bible. It is no longer acceptable or legal to teach the words of the bible in the public school system.

A Christian curriculum must derive its fundamental principles from God's Holy Word and work these out in a self-conscious manner. Education provides parents and students with these principles as well as the content and skills which enable them to develop a biblical worldview in each subject.

The government and politics are grounded in the Word of God. We need God's infallible standard in order to distinguish justice from injustice. Because civil government enacts laws, it is concerned with deciding right and wrong. Right and wrong, however, have to do with morality, and morality is religious. This means that civil government by its very nature is a religious institution.

The Old Testament reveals God's system of law for civil government. At Mount Sinai through His prophet Moses, God gave to Israel an entire system of civil law and government. The Decalogue reveals a complete system of law with due process, a federal system of government with three branches at each level, and separation of powers with a system of checks and balances.

The student who learns this system has the proper criterion by which to analyze human governments of the past and present as to their structure, laws, and policies. This knowledge will provide the student with understanding necessary for intelligent Christian voting, and stimulate him to promote a responsible government regulated by God's law.

I see the best teaching environment as a partnership between teacher and curriculum. Both teacher and curriculum bring important contributions to this partnership that the other cannot do well. It is not possible for most teachers to write a complete, coherent, sound curriculum. It is not insulting to teachers as professionals to admit this. Curriculum development



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