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Big Five Personality Traits

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My name is Faizan Javaid. Everyone is different from other in habits, behavior, their style etc. I am also different from others. Let me tell you about myself Let's talk about this difference according to "Big Five Personality Traits."

1- Openness

I am friendly, open to everyone. I usually welcome everybody to talk However, I am a selective in making friends. I have deep feelings of emotions. I feel others pain as my own and also try to solve their problems so that their pain can be removed and I feel happy in doing so. However, it doesn't mean that I do not enjoy my life. I also enjoy when there is such situation. I like music, children. I like playing with children and enjoying their smile.

2- Conscientiousness

I am in habit of knowing about new things, new people. I am curious about my new neighbors. I am curious about my friends, my teachers. I also always think about my teacher. Where do they live? How do they spend their leisure?

Well I am a disciplined person. That can be observed, definitely, by observing my habits, my room, my dressing and my style. I always try to complete my work in time. I am very punctual person. That's why I am special for my friends. I also expect others to do their jobs responsibly. I always do planning before starting my work. My cognitive thinking is that without planning we cannot sure about the success.

3- Extraversion

I am a little shy person. I usually do not get indulged with new people. Rather, I take much time to be frank with others. I do not make many more friends. But, my friends are my dearest. I am introverted person I do not like to meet a lot of friends in parties, Adding with this I actually do not like parties. I feel happy in spending my time alone. I like pin drop silence, cannot bear any kind of disturbance during my study time.

4- Agreeableness

I am co-operative with my friends, my relatives and even my servants. I am cool minded person and always try to ignore the mistakes of others. If there is any serious problem happen with me create by others. So instead of insulting or fighting, I try to find out the solution. I see people in positive way. People argued me to change my attitude but my thinking is that the nature cannot be change. So I am always be honest, cooperative, and kind to others

5- Neuroticism

I do not anger with others. Usually I handle the serious problem in very cool mind. If somebody do such thing that make me anger I didn't give any response to him only turn away from him. I never fight with other in my life if there is any problem arise I face them with patience and high temperament.

I do not like to indulge in fight. You wouldn't believe that I never had fight with anyone. If some



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