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Big 5 Personality Scores

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Essay Preview: Big 5 Personality Scores

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Big 5 Personality scores

On Intellect and imagination I scored 70 percentile, this indicates that 30% of people would more enjoy to seek out new experience. People who score high for this are often more imaginative ,and willing to consider new ideas.

On Extroversion I scored 41 percentile , this indicates that I am not an extrovert , nor an extremely introvert .I find myself can be talkative and tend to enjoy being the center of the crowds, especially with the people I am close with , however , there are time I would still prefer doing things alone ,and often I would need to spend some time alone to recharge myself after some party .

On Emotional Stability I scored 52 percentile , this indicates that I often have mood swings and are more likely to be tense, anxious , depressed or low self-confidence .

On Agreeableness I scored 56 percentile, it means that 55% of able to get along with others by being cooperative , compassionate and forgiving than me.

On Conscientiousness I scored 62 percentile as well , this means that I am less responsible , dependable and achievement oriented than 38% of people who have done this test .

Scores in relation to leadership

Researcher has found that extroversion is the strongest predictor of leadership. Based on my past experience ,I felt that being an extrovert will help in leading people especially in a new groups Therefore ,in time like this , the extroversion of me tend to show up ,and take control of the situation and influence the members to follow me, as I am always having high confidence on myself. Therefore , people who don’t know me would always see me as an extrovert.

Moreover , leaders are necessarily to be extrovert, For example , successful businessman like Warren Buffett and Bills Gate are introverts . Susan coin mention that one of the reason that makes introvert to become a good leader is that , introverts will think more carefully and longer than extroverts. The reason why I see myself as an introverts more is that, introverts would often drained by social encounters and requires to recharge by spending time alone to reflect. This fairly represent me . As I was saying , in a new group , I would tend to take up the leadership role and influence other , but however , usually after the event , I would requires to spend time alone to reflect on every decision I had made for the team ,and people that I am close with would see me as an introvert.

Researcher has also found that intellect/imagination was the third strongest predictor of leadership . In church , as a youth leader , I often visit other churches to get new ideas to improve my leadership style. In link with my personalities type , I would often have deep conversation with the leaders in other churches , to wider my horizon and to have new perspective or ways of doing



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