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Five People Who Mean a Lot - Personal Essay

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Essay Preview: Five People Who Mean a Lot - Personal Essay

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Day Six: Five People who mean a lot

I kinda grouped people together so....

1) My parents - I often take them for granted, but being far away from them reminds me of how important they are in my life. I still have to work on being a better daughter, but I couldn't have asked for any other parents, because in my eyes, my parents are the best.

2) FAB siblings - People always ask me which is my favorite sibling, or out of my three siblings, which one i'm closest to, but I always tell people that I'm close with all of my siblings in different ways. My whole life I've been surrounded by my siblings and have grown close to each and every one of them in different ways. I like being on my own, but sometimes I miss my siblings. Sometimes I feel like I'm missing out. But one thing I love is coming home and being able to see them. Even when they're busy with their own lives, being surrounded by my siblings after weeks/months of having no family with me in Irvine feels great.

3) TEAM BETCH - It's been a while since we've all been together, but these betches are some of my closest friends in college. My pledging experience in APO wouldn't have been the same without them. Our spontaneous car rides and competitive betchiness make hanging out with them so fun. But yeah, enough of that sappiness. Gross. HAHAHA.

4) My friends back home - There's too many for me to list. Whether I keep in touch with them, or only see them once in a while, I miss my friends back home. Sometimes when i'm in irvine, I just wanna go back home to see my friends. Sometimes I miss how I used to be with them. I've made some great friends in college, but sometimes i feel as if no one could ever replace the friends I have back home. Which is why I'm glad that I can easily reconnect with a lot of them and catch up with them in a way where the weeks/months that I've spent away from them seem to disappear with just one hangout :)

5) God - I've been thinking a lot lately of how my relationship with Him has changed and I miss how spiritual and religious I used to be. For the most part, I love my life the way it is, but I have noticed that I've drifted away and miss how close I felt to God. I used to have such a strong relationship with Him, which brought a kind of happiness and love into my life that no one else could bring to me and I felt like I learned so much about how to live a life fueled by love and compassion, which is what I feel like I kinda lack. I know that He's always there, which is why I'm trying to get back to the heart of it, so that He remains number one. My relationship has changed, but I'd like to think my love remains the same.



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