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Black Construction and the Racial Wage

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Essay Preview: Black Construction and the Racial Wage

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Black Construction and the Racial Wage

W.E.B Du Bois’ “Black construction and the Racial Wage” is an authoritative social composition that sees the sights of racism as a considered strategy executed by the Industrial North to avoid a cohesive waged people emerging in America. Whereas Du Bois focus his argument on Marxist theories, he gives further details about them through augmenting an element that Marxist failed to appreciate at some point in his era and that is ‘race.’ Consequently, rather than racism being an inconsiderate, subjective, and unbecoming composition from the egotistical thought of white, he disputes that it was a deliberate economic change by the capitalists. Therefore, the author tries to address the unworthy elements of racism are diverted toward a small group of capitalistic, which has customarily been interlinked with the whites in general.

On the other hand, Du Bois contends that while the waged people indeed had a common exploiter and they needed a transformation that would make things better for them, both the white and blacks were at loggerheads by race, making it hard for any labor movement to occur during the 1919-1945 period. Both black and white working class directed they detest towards each other by race instead of addressing it towards the common oppressor. It made Du Bois claim that the concept of race was accompanied by a cautiously designed and gradually developed mechanism, which stimulated division between the black and white workers.

However, the capitalists knew the possible dangers that a united workers’ movement could bring about and that it would impede their objectives and interest in profit and productivity. Furthermore, the primary aim of the capitalist was to keep wage for the white laborers low, and the ones for the black even lower by the economic principle of productivity.

Conclusively, Du Bois argues on the reality that there have been many endeavors to make these battles appear to be a racial element but in the real sense, everything that took place during the 1919-1945 period was purely for economic reasons.  He further states that the racial conflicts and disputes had nothing to do with any racial elements at all and that it was just people trying to make a living out of a carefully orchestrated fake ethnic milieu.



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