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Blu Ray Vs. Hd Dvd

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Essay Preview: Blu Ray Vs. Hd Dvd

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Blu-Ray or HD DVD?

The world we live in today is a very technologically advanced society. Everywhere one turns they always find some new product, or a new "version" of a product that is better than ever before. There is a very competitive market out there, that is always striving for something more. Along time ago, back in the 1980s, there was a competition going on between VHS and Betamax video cassette players. In the end, VHS ultimately won. Remember when the DVD was introduced? Well, today in 2008, there is currently a battle going on between two versions of a high definition DVD format. People either have the choice of buying a Blu-Ray or HD DVD player. Those two players have caused a heavy competition in today's market. The battle is which format is better. People have said Blu-Ray is better. People have also said HD DVD is better. Do people actually know for a fact that one is better than the other? According to Phillip Swann of TV predictions dot com, Blu-Ray will win the HDTV DVD war. He gives several reasons why this format will win.

Blu Ray is an optical disc storage media format for high definition video and data storage, having the same dimensions as a standard DVD or CD (Wikipedia). The definition of HD DVD is basically the same thing. The reason why there is this competition is because of who is promoting each product. Some companies have endorsed either product, stating one is better than the other. These companies have a major influence on who buys what in today's markets. Sony is who is behind Blu-Ray (Swann). Toshiba backs HD DVD (Swann).

In his argument that Blu Ray will win, there are several Toulmin applications. Swann's claim that Blu Ray will win is backed up by five different reasons. He starts off by saying that the majority of the studio support is to Blu Ray. Apparently, most of the major studios support Blu Ray, and only Universal supports HD DVD. He then goes into the topic of Play Station 3, and how blu ray is in the play station 3. He states that "people have nothing to lose", and will buy this format. (Swann) Swann then talks about the price of the two formats being an issue. People won't buy either format, because they do not know which format to buy. HD DVD is priced lower than Blu Ray. He predicts that Blu Ray will go down in price, because HD DVD is lower already. HD DVD has not benefited from the lower price, Toshiba is not benefiting. (Swann) He says that politics will play an important issue in the matter, because studios will eventually not want to put out both formats. They will question the economics of releasing in both formats. Finally, he goes into a peace treaty stating that eventually Sony and Toshiba will make an agreement, and Blu Ray will win the battle in the end. This will make Blu Ray the dominant High definition format.

The problem with his reasoning behind the five reasons why Blu Ray



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