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However , if the trial is for the efficacy of a new treatment or drug , for example , the relevant results would be whether the drug is truly effective or not , such as for removing specific symptoms . The possibility of error should also be taken into consideration , thus the tests could produce true positives , true negatives , false positives , and false negatives

. Therefore , the confusion matrix of such a trial would be in the following format Positive Test Negative Test Effective True Positive False Negative Not Effective False Positive True Negative The same type of confusion matrix can be used for other types of clinical tests such as safety State definitions for sensitivity and specificity The terms sensitivity and specificity in this context refer to the efficiency of the test itself , and not its specific results . The sensitivity of the test refers to its ability to correctly recognize the factor being tested for when it is actually present . On the other hand the specificity of the test refers to its ability to recognize the absence of the factor being tested when it is truly absent State definitions for sensitivity and specificity in terms of conditional probability using the following terms Pos : positive test outcome Neg : negative test outcome D : Disease actually present D : Disease actually absent (i .e . healthy individual In... you there are alot of stuff that you can look at lol.. Also its is very danergous so dont play around with it



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