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Ray Charles - "a Fool for You"

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Essay Preview: Ray Charles - "a Fool for You"

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In 1955 Ray Charles recorded "A Fool for You" and it was rated as the 29th of the top 100 song

for that year the lyrics were about what a feeling that he felt for a woman. Though she told him

that she didn't want him or love him anymore, but he was still a fool for her, and he pleads with

her to believe that he is a fool in love with her, he tells her how he wakes up in the morning and

feels the pillow where this woman he loves used to lay, and he starts to cry like he never cried

before. Stating that he cried so hard that he gave the blues to his neighbor next door, it seems

that he has known this woman since she was five years old, and he has had these feeling for her

all that time. Ray sing about the fact that this woman doesn't want him anymore and the fact that

she has a new man on the other side of town.

Lyrics " Fool for You" I know you told me, Such a long time ago, That you didn't want me , You didn't love me no more, I want to know, Oh, what makes me be, do you believe me child? I'm a fool for you, I know you told me you didn't want me around, And I know that ,You got a man way across town,

This Little girl of mine starts as a up tempo with a call and response with Ray Charles and the

musical instruments. Ray is telling a story about his girl friend, and the fact that he takes her with

him all the time. Ray speaks of this clothes and shoes that were new he kind of makes reference

to maybe his girl has bought them for him so that is why he loves the little girl.

Wella, oh yeah

Oh yeah

Oh yeah

Do you know that this little girl of mine

I want you people to know

This little girl of mine

I take her everywhere I go

One day I looked at my suit

My suit was new

I looked at my shoes

and they were too

And that's why I, I, I, I,

Oh, I love that little girl of mine

Oh do you know that this little girl of mine




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