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Broadcast Advertising

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Broadcast Advertising:-

We are going to advertise this new Nintendo game, on the channels; itv/2, CITV, cbbc, nickelodeon and other that appeal to our audience. We have chosen these specific channels because we believe that these channels suit the age rating of the game which is 7+.

Experiential Advertising:-

For our experiential advertising we have chosen our location to be at a local park. The reason we have chosen a local park is because it is a common place where families and children are likely to be. We will have employees dressed as the characters from the games and have a dress up area for everyone to create their own character by dressing themselves. We will transform a certain area of the park into a field of various sports from the new games for the families to join in with. Our plan will attract our TA by the appearance of the bright colours and letting them join in the games will persuade them to buy the game once it has been released.

Print Advertising:-

Before that lets go with the question

what is print advertising well...

A print advertisement can only be effective if people see it. When people are looking through publications, they have a tendency to be receptive to new information and observant of things of interest. One method of advertising aims to attract people to products and services as they are reading or scanning publications. Such advertisements are found in newspapers, newsletters, and magazines. A great deal of planning generally goes into this type of advertising, which often requires a team of individuals.

There are some people who are employed to come up with the best ideas to attract attention and inspire people to spend their money. These people develop a concept, and then they decide on the imagery and wording that sufficiently ties the idea together.

There may be other individuals who deal with placing the ad. Generally, the larger the advertisement, the more it costs to place it in a publication. Some areas of publications can be considered premium spots as well, and these are expensive. It is, therefore, important for a publication to make sure its clients get the exposure they pay for.

Print advertising is often an important source of revenue for a publication. It is beneficial to the publications to sell more and bigger advertisement spaces, and these duties often fall upon a sales team.

Mailers are another type of print advertising. These advertisements range from elaborately designed postcards to note-sized white paper with plain print. They are distributed by postal workers who place them into residents' mailboxes. A major challenge with this type of advertising is getting people to pay attention. Many of these items are often regarded



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