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Business Plan for Apple Company

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Essay Preview: Business Plan for Apple Company

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Business plan for Apple Company

Target: create a kind of mobile phone that is simply controlled with clear vision suitable for older people.

Expectation: welcomed by older people and extending market to worldwide.

Product description: designing a mobile phone with smaller screen, big-type word, easy to hand as well as clear vision support. Offering emergency contactor and GPS tracking system, when they get lost, easily can find their position through clicking a button or using an application. The mobile phone is supported with long distance tracking software and could be powered by sun energy which guarantees its consistent functions.

Advantage: easy to control and with simple design, always put safety first, long-distance tracking techniques and never powered off. Weight light, and easy to take, can use it in any circumstance. Without signal support also could be contacted like interphone. Clicking "help" button could contact your families first and then search for the nearest police station and call them. It is may be suitable for most of countries in the world.

Pattern: core techniques created in America, according to different marketing subjects in different countries, assembled with different types suitable for each of them, distributing products according to popularity.

Goals to be achieved in the first year: to occupy small countries market in which older people are less, to reach break-even point at the end of year and then to expend to bigger countries.

Marketing research:

Target customers: people who are over age 70 and disabled.

Questionnaires could be used for investigation.

Potential Market: increasing aging people need to be paid attention to. As young people focus on work, having no time to take care of older people, they should learn to take care of themselves. So this kind of mobile phone benefits both young people and older people. (not sure???)

Pricing: could be accepted by most people with average salaries,(according to different countries.) and much lower than other apple products (like Mac air and iPhone) as it has less technology investment.

Competitors' analysis: Nokia example

Compared with Nokia 1110 style, a simple and smart phone with low price, we could offer best and money-valued service.

Route to Market:

Internet is the main route to achieve the market share, and we also invest in ads and other mess media broadcasts to help our expansion.



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