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Business Plan for Consulting Company

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Essay Preview: Business Plan for Consulting Company

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Pioneer Market Consulting (PMC) provides a wide range of market research, marketing strategy development, brand advertising and staff training services to help American and Chinese firms set up business in each other's country. With a superior knowledge of local market and expertise in both countries, we ensure success in accomplishing a foreign business expansion.

I. Problems & Solutions

China is one of the fastest growing emerging markets in the world, and the economic relationship between China and the United States grows rapidly day by day. The rewards of China are fairly obvious: low costs, fast growth, a strong manufacturing base, and a large domestic market. US Companies in varies industries have seen this opportunity of business expansion. However, reward doesn't come without risk. Without a trustful guide, most small to medium sized companies are not willing to undertake the risk of stepping in an unknown market.

PMC will solve the problems for clients by mitigating risk through right strategy and planning. As a Chinese student studying Finance in the United States, I am very much interested in filling up this gap between the business ways of china and US and help both countries to have better innovation and collaboration between businesses and set up a company who can help fulfill my dream.

II. Objectives

PMC plan to generate 1 million in sales and $200,000 in net income in the second year. We also estimate that Sales will be doubled in the second year and then keep a 20% annual growth rate. Net income will remain above 8% of sales, which is higher than industry average of 3.2%. After a 3-year operation, PMC plan to open its own oversea branch in Shanghai China and expand services to staff training and human resource.

III. Missions & Strategies

PMC offers high-tech manufacturers a reliable, high-quality alternative to in-house resources for market development and channel development on an international scale. The PMC team must also offer capabilities that address every aspect of CRM, including marketing, direct and indirect sales, customer service, field support and customer contact operations. Furthermore, managers must be able to make sound financial decisions to maintain financial balance.

Our current business strategy is to provide small to medium sized market-consulting services. We plan to undertake these services by initially examining a client's products, corporate structure and financial situation, we will then design and develop marketing strategy to improve our client's oversea business projects. Our business strategy for the future will be to undertake large research projects more than small sized services and build our own long standing clients.

To fulfill long-term objectives, we will also develop an aggressive growth strategy. Firstly,



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