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Buying Automobiles

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Essay Preview: Buying Automobiles

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The best way to find a better deal on buying automobiles is to be more informed about car deals and values. There are ways to research and learn about the car deals and a value based on what is important today. According to Mike who is retired "what most important to elders about the car is to do research and make sure that the car last long and run for a longer time" so they are not going to waste money because they do not have income except the pension. Also, senior's vehicles should be engineered with special physical characteristics and restricted mobility. Mike has a Honda care and he has chosen it for different reasons. Standard tractions average reliability, safety, lower price, color, and mobility are important to him and Honda observed such characteristic regarding the elders. Honda is a well-known car manufacturer company in the world and produces different kinds of products to satisfy customers and creates value. Honda creates value via different ways such as creating advanced products and technologies, developing the older products, conducting market research and design different styling through engineering. Also safety and environmental considerations are the main factors that locate the company as the leading environmental and safe car company.

On the other hand, three of teens whom I interviewed about their cars have different view about their automobiles. Models, high performance, safe, stylish, affordable, small, and reliable are the core values to them to buy a car. They say that lots of car companies marketing for such values, but few of them are honest with their products and the rest of them are not honest for what they advertise and promise. Kia is one of the cars the teens mostly like for its affordable insurance, high safety, reliability, gasoline consumptions, and customer satisfactions. Kia gives value the customer's satisfaction as the reason of its improvements and manufacture vehicles based on demographic targets and customer's expectations.

It was interesting that each automobile had different approach in terms of customer value. Companies marketing are the important factor that can grab the attention of buyers in order to compete with each other by providing information about the values where they can access evidence about purchasing, value, deals and direct comments from other consumers. However, when younger costumers look to find an automobile, they value cars based on its style and make sure the automobile is up to date and facilitated with new technology. Honesty is the core value to customer and no matter how perfect the car should be, but the information about the car must be accurate. The consumers need to see and hear how a car works on reality not just on advertising performance. Overall consumer's values on their automobiles are based on its performance, long lasting, affordability, size, reliability, safety, and gas consumption.

2: Using Zappos Case Studies

Zappos started its online shoe business in 1999 that gives the best choices for its customers in terms of color,



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