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The Sculpture by David Smith

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Essay Preview: The Sculpture by David Smith

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The sculpture that I choose to discuss was created by David Smith who was an American abstract expressionist sculptor born in 1906 and lived to 1965. His sculpture that I choose was one constructed in 1951 by the name of Hudson River Landscape. The piece made from welded painted steel and stainless steel is measured to be 125.7x190.5x42.5cm. The Hudson River Landscape sculpture is located on show at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York.

I think that the theme explored in this piece was to have nature of the area captured in all four seasons. As it seems to have represented the tall mountains, and waves with stairs leading under the surface. This showing that there is always a way out of places and there is freedom in places unknown. The use of space in this piece is used very well as the outside edges are filled with dramatic lines with the middle nearly empty. I like this technique explored by Smith in the piece by having more objects shown near the sides than the middle.

I like the fact that the piece is dark and with a lighter background it would have amazing chiaroscuoro, while it displays lots of negative space near the middle of the piece. This piece is worthy for discussion because it displays the nature of its surroundings amongst the wildlife of Hudson Bay, and the formation of how the land was formed. Also how this sculpture is a relief because it can only be viewed at one angle if standing properly.



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