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Chak De India - Movie Analysis

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Essay Preview: Chak De India - Movie Analysis

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The characters in the movie shows how different people with different personalities and backgrounds can come together and achieve the impossible when they are able to work as a team eliminating individual weaknesses through each other’s strengths. Apart from that, this movie also shows how an effective leadership personality can emerge and can lead the whole group to transform into a team through motivation and other techniques.


Forming stage:

This is the first stage which is characterized by uncertainty and a common goal brings people together. In this movie, the hockey players from different Indian states meet at Delhi to form India’s women hockey team. The players have different personalities, backgrounds, attitudes and different skills.They all come together to form a diversified workgroup.

Storming stage:

After forming stage, the storming stage starts.The players from different state are put together randomly and conflict arises when players differ in their opinions about how they should get the beds. The coach motivates the team using negative comments to players and by shouting, punishing and keeping them in a bench until they apologize. Apart from that, the players are on constant stress by training rigorously which include 4a.m 10 km runs and strong criticism of their performance in an effort to make them work together.

Norming Stage:

In this stage, it is when conflict and team bonding is expected. In the movie, Bindia Naik becomes a leader in the group in various occasions for example in a scene whereby she made all the players involved in a conspiracy to ensure that the coach resign. The group of girls who don’t get along unite as one when they get the challenge to play against boys’ team for a chance to appear in the world cup. The bonding of the group becomes more intense when they fight against bully from the boys in the cafe.

Performing stage:

In this stage the group start to work together and they start to perform towards one goal. When Koumal passed the ball to Preeti and made an equalizer in the final game, the team was actually formed. Both Preeti and Koumal were had their personal goals but putting their personal goals aside they gave higher priority to the team’s goal and hence they worked together to equalize and in the end Preeti gave her penalty shootout chance to Koumal. This shows how the team has bonded and worked together to fulfill their team’s goal.

Adjourning stage:

As the group project ends, the group disband in the adjourning phase. In this movie, after winning the final world cup match, the team return home in the adjourning stage. All members are separated with each other


An individual with high Machiavellianism is pragmatic, maintains emotional distance and believe ends can justify means. High Mach manipulate more, win more, are persuaded less by others. One characteristic of Machiavellianism is Psychopathy.

Psychopathy is defined as lack of concern of others and lack of guilt or remorse when action cause harm. In this movie, the media and the journalist could be considered as high in Mach. Media outlets circulate a photograph of Khan shaking hands with the Pakistani captain after his penalty stroke. The sporting gesture is misunderstood, and Kabir Khan is suspected of "throwing" the game out of sympathy towards Pakistan. Regards to that



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