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Changes You Would like to Introduce in Pakistan?

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Essay Preview: Changes You Would like to Introduce in Pakistan?

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What changes you will introduce in Pakistan, if you are a powerful prime-minister of Pakistan?

The current problems of Pakistan in which massive changes are required include following:

1. Education

2. Terrorism

3. Electricity

4. Foreign relations


"A state obligation to provide free and compulsory secondary education was included in Pakistan's 1973 Constitution."

It is the most important sector of a state on which special attention should be given. Un fortunately, in Pakistan this area has not been given the utmost importance in past but now it will not remain in darkness any more. I have decided to give special attention. Budget of education was only 2.44 % of Gdp in 2007-2008 while it was only 11.5% of total budget in 2007-2008. Increase of budget of education in 2009-2010 is the first step towards betterment of this state. We have increased its portion by decreasing my own expanses as well as other ministers of national assembly of Pakistan which are 534.

We have rescheduled our tax system and thus Orders have been given to tax department of Pakistan to collect the taxes from all and sundry on accurate bases. The amount recovered which was supposed to be bad will be invested in education sector.

Program of non-formal education like 'Nai Roshani' is introduced in a more better way named as "All for Education"

Pakistan's primary education system ranks among the world's least effective as well as the system includes urdu medium, English medium, and O&A levels. This system has created a lot of indiscrepncy among the Pakistani's as a nation, so a new system is introduced in which urdu will be taught till primary level and than other foreign languages like English. Arabic, and Persian. The objective of curriculum is not only make students degree holder but also a vigilant person so that they can participate in deciding the destiny of Pakistan as well as themselves.

Collaboration with foreign universities is established and with the union of Iran, China, UK we have introduced three new Government Universities in Punjab, NWFP, Baluchistan and Sindh to have quality education.

Technical education is also a very important area as many people of Pakistan depend on this, so this area will be granted with funds soon.

In the last I believe that quality education give birth to Economy and good Economy provides opportunities for development and betterment in each and every field.



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