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Characterization of Change

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Characterization and change

This study involves the evaluation of the various characters in the book god's bits of wood. The main story involves the evolution of the striking Africans rail road workers against oppression from the French. The main feature in this story explains on the characterization and change that is happening in Dakar involving women and their men in the fight for their economic, social and cultural status. What the people of Dakar are against is the oppression that they undertake forcing them to rise and fight for change. This involves the various changes that are happening due to the class struggle and to what extent these changes affect the entire society at large. The most noticeable change of the strike is how the women in Thies and Bamako seem to behind their men with time getting to march alongside their men. This seems to change at the end for the women seem to be marching ahead of their men.

There are various changes that do happen due to this strike for the bread winner of the family changes from men to women. The Bread winner of the family changes since the men go on strike thus not having anything that they can provide for their families. Women responsibilities changes to fetching for their kids since their men do not have an income. The women's responsibilities are preparing food, running the markets and rearing the children. The responsibilities of the women changes to being the bread winners because of the situation of the strike.

Changes to this story are evident in that the women go from supporting their men in the strike to the participation of the strike. With time, the women decide to march on foot for four days, but at first their men oppose the idea. The determination that women have is clear, for they go on with their matching for four days. The women's role in the strike plays a crucial part in making the French realizing and understanding on the determination they are facing from the strikers. The French understanding on the magnitude of the strike does bring changes to the strikers. The demands by the workers for pay increase and reviewing of better working conditions. The strike also brings changes to the whites in that they had refused to accept the demands of the protestors, and eventually they agree. In this story, we do see a change in the workers conditions in that they do get better working conditions and pay increase.

This story is also rich in characterization of various beings. An example of characterization evident in this story is the two classes of people that exist in Senegal. There are the capitalist and the workers who are fighting for change. The two classes are at war due to their economic differences. The story also tells of the cruel characters of the whites which are evident, by the way, the strikers are bitterly tortured, arrested, and many killed. Cruelty of the whites is evident by the fact that they



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