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Checklist Sample of Job Analysis for Supervision

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Essay Preview: Checklist Sample of Job Analysis for Supervision

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Below is the checklist sample of job analysis for supervisor position:

1. Train, develop, encourage the junior to improve current job efficiency and prepare for the jobs in superior positions.

2. Define the remarkable changes in responsibilities and duties of the junior by regular observing their jobs.

3. Evaluate the junior performance. Make direct reports on the current and previous performance. Inform the result to the one who is in charge of.

4. Review the salary of the junior and suggest some changes based on policies and procedures.

5. Propose human resource issues like nominating, awarding for their performance or dismissing, etc. based on the policies and guidelines about budget and policy.

6. Inform superior and junior managers and about the things happening that have bad effect on job responsibilities.

7. Keep the disciplines, propose and manage the corrections based on policies and regulations.

8. Announce and manage the human resource programs in their correct designs and purposes.

9. Keep on setting up files correctly for all the junior.

10. Periodically analyze the amount of work and employees' needs in a working unit.

11. Propose to change the staffs' level in a working unit.

12. Review documents for a new position and changed positions.

13. . Submit for approval the changes of a position.

14. Interview applicants and make decisions to select employees or propose ideas to select.

15. Guide the new junior staffs about the procedures and policies, regulations and the requirements of the jobs. Tell them the responsibilities when doing the jobs.

16. Make plans, authorize, impart and control the assigned work and the special projects related to the junior.

17. Establish and maintain the targets or specific purposed of jobs and qualitative and quantitive standards of the work which have to be gained by the junior.




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