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My Job Analysis

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In the past, I dreamt to become a teacher. Teaching seemed like a perfect match for me because I enjoy working with children and teaching them new skills. Also my teachers have played an important role in my life and I hoped to do the same as a teacher with other students in the future. Fortunately after few years of being on the marketplace my dreams come true.

Although many people may not agree with me, I personally believe that there are several aspects in a job that are more important than the money I can earn doing it. Working in a good environment, having enough free time to enjoy my private life and enjoying what I do are some of these characteristics.

Working in a good environment is important. Everyday, in my job, I come to contact with my colleagues and my headmaster. Since I have to interact with them, it is very important that they are friendly and cooperative. It will help me to work better. A bad colleague could make my life at work impossible, and would make me hate my job.

Having a job that gives me enough free time is important. It is useless to have a job that allows me to earn a lot of money, but that doesn't give me the time to enjoy it. I would prefer to receive a smaller salary, but to be able to see my friends at night, or to spend the weekends at home with my family, instead of working all the time.

Liking my job is important. I have to do it not just for a day, but for years, if not for the rest of my life. If I do not love what I do, I will not feel satisfied with myself and I will realize, no matter how much money I will earn. I will probably feel frustrated and depressed. I do not know how many will agree but, to me, the quality of my life is priceless.

It is important that your job gives you a good salary. However, it is more important to have a job that you like, and that allows you to enjoy your private life. There is no doubt that money is useful, but you can sacrifice the quality of your life to it.

I assess the job satisfaction as an English teacher of primary school learners. The results of the questionnaire are comprised of following scores:

Pay satisfaction: 4.8

Security satisfaction:5.5

Social satisfaction: 5.6

Supervisory satisfaction: 5.3

Growth satisfaction: 6.75

The norm of pay satisfaction for a large sample of managers is 4.6. I see that the satisfaction from the payment and benefits for me is between neutral and slightly satisfied ( stands for 4.8) but as I mentioned there are some different aspects than salary.

The score of security satisfaction



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