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Essay Preview: Christianity

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Unit Standard 111 v8a

Level 2                Credits 5

Use a word processor to produce documents for a business or organisation.


You have been asked to join the Sports Committee at school to assist them with their organisation and preparation of different upcoming events. The team that is currently organising events has little Digital Technology knowledge and they are hoping that you will be able to help them to develop their skills along the way.



DOCUMENT 1 - Newsletter

The Sports Committee require a newsletter that will go out to the school sports team members families and friends to inform them about what is happening in the school for Term 1. You need to open the retrieval file which contains all the necessary information and present it effectively. You can add headings into the document where you see necessary. Evidence of a range of appropriate tools need to be shown and the document must be fit for purpose.

The following must be included on each of the pages.

Page 1        Headline (Sports News at (your schools name) and January, Term 1
        A list of each of the events happening each week during Term 1
        Sports Coordinators Report
Introducing Sports Committee

Page 2        Scholarship Information
                Sporting Inspiration
                In an advertising stripe - Sponsorship Logos and Coaches Needed   information

Page 3         Includes a form to review the existing sports committee and to gather information from the local community.

DOCUMENT 2 – Up Coming Events

A list of upcoming events for each term during the year in a table for the staffroom wall.

  • The table must be split into Terms 1 – 4 and contain any sporting inter-house competitions that are coming up.
  • The table will be updated along the way and this is just a starting point for the Sports Committee
  • They have supplied you with the information in the file Upcoming Events which you need to convert to a table.
  • Change the page orientation to landscape, adjust paragraph spacing to suit the table.

DOCUMENT 3 – Rules on Sports

The Sports Committee is trying to introduce the students to different sports and encourage all to give them a go. To do this they have included sports that aren’t common but everyone can try. They have also considered that some sports are weather dependent so tried to select sports that can happen inside if need be.

The text used in the document has been gathered from the internet and needs to be formatted so that it is appropriate for all staff.

Open the file and make the necessary changes.

  • Add an appropriate heading
  • Ensure consistent spacing in the document.
  • Margins all 2.5 cm
  • Single line spacing with no paragraph spacing before or after.
  • Appropriate sub heading font used
  • Use page breaks where necessary to ensure that a new page is started in an appropriate place.
  • Present the sports rules document. This document is to hand out to all house captains informing them of the basic rules of each of the sports being covering during Term 2’s inter-house lunchtime competition.
  • The sports need to be placed into the following order and the dates added to the document. The sport will take place on the first Monday of the week so please put an appropriate date:

Rugby        Week 2

Lacrosse        Week 3

VolleyBall        Week 4

Horse Shoe        Week 5

Basketball        Week 6

Shuffle Board        Week 7

(your choice)        Week 8 find appropriate text to add on a sport of your choice

  • Check where the splitting of numbers occurs
  • Spell check the document carefully
  • Use consistent heading styles through the document – your teacher must watch you using format painter to do this. They will also observe you using the undo feature and deleting some text. Call your teacher over when you are ready to do these two things.
  • Add page numbers into the footer of the document and Inter-house Competitions Term 2. Use an appropriate font size and style.
  • Check the spacing in places to ensure that you have appropriate breaks.
  • Use appropriate alignment for the text.
  • Make sure the paragraph spacing throughout is consistent.
  • Produce the document so that it is backed and stapled for the necessary staff and students.
  • Save the document as an appropriate file name to your drive.

DOCUMENT 4 – Inter-house Posters and Check List Cards

Create the following all in one document eg Basketball Poster, Basketball Check List Card, Shuffle Board Poster, Shuffle Board Check List Card.


  • Create a poster for two of the sports that are going to take place during the inter-house competitions. Use the data that has been supplied for you earlier.
  • Each of the posters needs to include a simple border around them. You need to consider using section breaks.
  • You poster should include the number of players needed, sport name, week it is taking place and dates, it is happening at lunchtime, a small blurb about the sport.
  • A catch phrase to entice people to join in or come and watch.

Check List Cards

  • For your two chosen sports read through the rules of the game and using a table create a checklist of the equipment that will be required for the sport.
  • Add to the list anything else you think that they should provide on the week of the sporting event.
  • At the bottom of the Check List Card add some lines where notes can be hand written about the organisation and anything else that needs to be considered.

In your document you should include:



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