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Coca-Cola - Key Success Factors Analysis

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Essay Preview: Coca-Cola - Key Success Factors Analysis

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Coca-Cola (China), Key Success Factors Analysis

Coca-Cola company from its inception in 1886, has been its delicious carbonated beverage products has swept the world, after enduring 117 years. Coca-Cola entered China in 1927, for some reason after the withdrawal of return to China in 1979, and set up a Coca-Cola (China) Limited. Now Coca-Cola (China) Co., Ltd. has become China's largest beverage joint venture, each of the taxes turned over to the country reached three billion yuan. 20 years, Coca-Cola (China) Co., Ltd. has achieved excellent results, has become a pioneer leader in soft drink sales market is regarded as specimens of the same industry and model. Coca-Cola Company is able to do in China, made such a huge success? Through the Coca-Cola (China) Beverages companies personal work experience, I am deeply aware of: Coca-Cola Company is not only a brand to create a company, but also a base for training and practice, is fast moving consumer goods industry, 'Whampoa Military Academy'. It seeks to create all the conditions for their employees to play the staff expertise to develop the skills of employees, and tap the potential of employees, truly make the best use. Coca-Cola Company is the culture of the achievements of these talented of the brand. Therefore we can say is unique and effective human resources strategy for making Coca-Cola Company to create a spectacular performance, becoming the world's No. 1 brand companies. Talent is the company's most important business resources are the most valuable of all the wealth of wealth. Proper development and selection of talent strategy, efforts to develop mining talent into full play the positive role of all kinds of talents, is the key to business towards prosperity. In the business development process, the development of human resources on productivity play a decisive role in the realization of corporate business strategy plays a guarantee. Talent's business skills, intelligence level and management level is high or low productivity directly restricts the effectiveness of each element of play, directly determines the level of labor productivity. In short, the activities of production and operations talent is an indispensable element, but also other elements that it plays a leading and decisive role. Let us come to a concrete analysis of Coca-Cola (China) Co., Ltd. talent strategy in a number of successful experience and unique. A talent localization strategy Whether past, present, or in the future, as long as enterprises, selling goods, all of the development strategy, business strategy and marketing methods have to suit local conditions, as management and marketing are the unity of science with practice. Coca-Cola Company in 1979 to return to China, though there are already 90 years of international experience in market operations, but really started to operate in China, but still first time a practice. If the headquarters of paper sitting in the United States to carry out the operation without any specific decision-making, the result unsatisfactory. Only in the understanding of the local concrete realization of the situation and make a concrete analysis, carried out targeted decision-making, and allow local people are familiar with local conditions to implement in order to achieve the intended purpose. Looking at Coca-Cola Company employment strategy, its most distinctive point is that 'localization'. Of local talent on the Coca-Cola company's development philosophy has far-reaching significance, the essence of the theory are: (1) setting up a company in the market locally, all employees are using local people; (2) Sales principle of unity by the head office is responsible for the training of personnel. 'Let the whole world to drink Coca-Cola', served as president of Coca-Cola Company as a model by all these words. To get people around the world drink Coca-Cola, only qualified personnel, marketing and other localization, in order for that magnificent phrase possible become a reality. Therefore, it is 'with the locals', 'training by the head office is responsible for a unified' this principle, so that Coca-Cola (China) Company has made the development of rapid yet proved successful. Coca-Cola (China) Co., Ltd. talent localization strategy embodied in the following. 1, managers, localization Generally speaking, China's multinational employees give us the impression is often beard, green eyes and alien suits and ties; job is always half of the time in China, office, half of the time in vacations abroad; except secretary, no more communication with internal staff, an unpredictable situation; the exchange of language is no doubt foreign language. In the Coca-Cola (China) Co., Ltd., is completely not the case: (1) In China, more than 99% of the Coca-Cola system employees are Chinese staff; in the Coca-Cola Beijing area, in addition to general manager and chief financial officer from Taiwan and Australia, other indigenous people invariably the mainland. (2) All management staff communication language, not only fluent in English, as well as fluent in Chinese, and even Coca-Cola (China) Co., Ltd. are able to use a foreign president, fluent in Chinese dialogue and jokes; there are many foreign colleagues have also used the Cantonese and other dialects. (3) All documents between the two texts are in Chinese and English. It will do nothing to retain the management of local talent, is the real localization lies its charm. Imagine there is another where a multi-national corporations have such a bearing, on entering the non-native country would dare to start the implementation of such a drastic localization of high-level personnel? This is not 'glass ceiling' is a huge promotion of space, so that the local managers were able to really remove the worries, a pragmatic manner and the companies jointly grow up without hesitation for the enterprise for long service. 2, the specific localization of the operator Coca-Cola products, sales network extends to where, just where the selection and appointment. Coca-Cola Company's management believes that local operators have a unique specific conditions: First, are familiar with Trade, including neighborhood, business cases, buying habits, and make sales of Coca-Cola drinks as soon as possible into the local environment; second is on the range, the specific local operations staff and relatives and friends will be affected by their work, provide assistance to expand their work; third, the workforce is stable, the local staff in Hong Kong and settled down, no worries, work mentality stable and concentrate on their work. These natural advantages for foreign workers can not be compared.



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