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Coca Cola- a Recipe as Strange as Fiction but as Sweet as Reality

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Essay Preview: Coca Cola- a Recipe as Strange as Fiction but as Sweet as Reality

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As the bubbles rise to the can, it makes a pop when opened. A fizz-like noise can be heard from the outside of the metal. The seal has been broken and the refreshing beverage is ready to drink. Ice cold with a palate-cleansing taste, my American invention comes to life. It is the king of all soft drinks. Coca Cola is the most popular soda in America and has been refreshing people for centuries.

The man behind this delicious concoction is Dr. John Pemberton, an amazing Pharmacist from Atlanta, Georgia. In May of 1886, he made the drink just from a simple 3-legged brass kettle in his own backyard. Coke is made from a sweet mixture of Carbonated water, Glucose-Fructose, Kola nut extracts, and a caramel coloring. Coca Cola also contains a high amount of caffeine. The name "Coca Cola" was given to him by his bookkeeper, Frank Robinson.

This Southern American man originally made a remedy for headaches called "Pemberton's French Wine Coca". Then Coca Cola became popular and he changed the sweetener in the drink from wine to sugar and changed the name to what we know today. Soon in 1893 another fellow Atlantan named Asa Candler bought all the rights to Coca Cola for only $2,300. By 1892, Candler's advertising skills led up to the sales of Coca Cola to increase greatly. Since then Coca Cola has been stealing the hearts of millions everywhere and truly makes and big impact all around the world.

How we perceive this average drink can be taken into a whole other concept. You may not think about it, but Coke not only created a new type of beverage, but it captivated the young minds of a lot of people back then. It could have inspired anyone to invent something great. If chances like that can happen, than anything is possible if you stay smart and set your priorities straight. Think of Mr. Thomas Edison. He failed hundreds of times and now his life-saving invention, the light bulb, is the most cliché invention used in an average fourth grader's essay.

Imagine 50 years from now, clear as a cloudless day. A possible hover car would be flying around. Holograms would be new the use of communication. Everything would be so different but, millions would still be drinking that same original-flavored Coca Cola. Other virtual drinks would not compare to that acidic sweetness in an ice-filled glass. This phenomenon would still be going on years after that because once you start something, it's only finished when there's nothing left. What Dr. Pemberton started over 100 years ago will forever remain a national trademark for the rest of our lives.

Does your body crave the feeling of butterflies? All Americans prefer some type of taste to this seemingly charmed thirst-quencher. It's like an adrenaline rush, a roller coaster. Coca Cola can be as simple as a condiment



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