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Main Aim of Nhs and Coca Cola

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Essay Preview: Main Aim of Nhs and Coca Cola

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The main aim of the NHS is to improve the health through out the diverse communities they serve and ensure access to consistently safe and effectiveness which provide an excellent experience for users. NHS's vision refelects their commitments to improve health and wellbeing and to reduce health inequalities.The NHS concentrates on mainly four sectors. 1)Health , the main aim is to improving life expectancy and reducing the gap in life expectancy between the least and most deprived people.2)Access NHS providing comphrehensive round the clock acceses to general and specialist care deliverd close to home.3)Affordability ensuring the NHS in lambeth remains financially viable and continues to deliver safe effective and high quality care.4)Innovation, promoting innovation based on world class research in partnership with king's health partners and south London health innovation and education cluster.NHS will express their commitments in all they do,helping them to achieve the radical transformation of health and care services which they see as essential if they are achieve their goals,especially given the financial challenges which they are likely to face.

We know that there are three levels of stratergy1)Corporate stratergy 2)Business stratergy 3) Operational stratergy.Here the NHS and Coca cola identify their goals and vision through the corporate level staratergy.Corporate level stratergy embraces the over all scope of the organizations its operation in structural or financial terms and the allocation of its resources through out its various business or divisions.This level of stratergy involves senior management in determing the key activities of the company in terms of nature and extent of the product markets in which it will operate .Corporate level of stratergy is formulated by the top level management to oversee the interests and operations of organizations made up of more than one line business.Here we can see in the case of both Coca cola and NHS both of them identifies their vision and mission by the corporative level of stratergy.Here the main motto of the Coca cola is profit for that Coke created 2020 vision.Coca cola aims new decade of the growth for their company.Their widely recognized and valued brands sold financial position and unmatched global presence given them great confidence they can continue to capture a growing share of projected$1 trillion market for non alcoholic ready to drink beverages by 2020.From this it is clear that main aim is profit.But when look to the NHS it is an service organization their motto is help the people by providing service.Their main stratergy aim to ensure that the NHs in Lambeth continues to deliver quality services,improve health and reduce in equalities.From this it is clear that the NHS is a service organization.Both these organizations identify their goals and vision through Corporate level stratergy.For achieving the complete mission both Coke and NHScan also



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