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College and High School

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College is better than high school because it gives the student a baby step out into the real world. It also provides them with a since of security while they are adjusting in to the real world. It gives them a chance to be on there own. College lets the student step into adulthood by allowing them to make their own decisions and by letting them deal with them and there consequences.

Unlike high school in college the student will have to learn to manage his or her money and provide payment for their own education rather than have it handed to them. Weather you have to work and provide your own tuition or if you have to provide your own living arrangements you are still responsible for what the money is spent on or not spent on. Even if you receive tuition help or a full scholarship you will still need to learn to budget your allowance.

Students in college are likely there because they want to learn, not because they are required by law. Therefore, students are more

motivated to want to learn and to take the time that is needed instead of just "getting by". Students are able to take more courses they are interested in and want to learn about. This may make the student more motivated to learn and a more motivated student will receive better grades. Also, students maybe more motivated by the fact that they are working on a future, will get a real job, and will make something of themselves.

In college there is more flexibility on how and when to study and take classes than in high school. Some colleges offer courses over the internet. This usually have longer, more flexible times for course work to be turned in. This maybe easier on people who have children or have to work a full time job. It is also sometimes easier for certain people to learn on there own rather than in a classroom with fifty other people. There also can be more time for research on a project if you are not having to attend an hour to hour and a half of class every day....



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