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How to Graduate from High School?

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Essay Preview: How to Graduate from High School?

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How to graduate from high school?

To graduate from high school, you have to have requirements. Those requirements are too pass your classes, have all your credits, pass the H.S.P.E, and your final presentation. To finish all those requirements you have to go to school every day, be focus all the time and be good.

Passing all your classes is important. It's important because it's a requirement to have good grades. Have at least A, B; C's is perfect but having a D's is not really good. Have it means that you are passing but you're not getting the credit that you pose to have.

Having all your credits is very important, it's important because if you don't have all your credits, you won't able to graduate until you have 22.5 credits. To earn all those credits you have until four years of high school until your senior year or you can refer it to your last year of high school. To earn all you're credits you have too pass all your classes so you can receive all the credits that is necessary to graduate.

Another requirement that you need to graduate is to pass the H.S.P.E. There is the math, science, reading and writing. Another name for it is the state test. The H.S.P.E it is also very important, but if you don't pass it then I believe your counselor would help you set up a plan so you can possibly still graduate.

The last requirement that I believe is the final PowerPoint presentation. My friend tells me you present it to a group of teachers or staff (I'm really not sure because my friend told me that he doesn't know who they were). On your power point you choose a topic, of something that you want talk about. Make sure to provide much evidence or info that describes your topic includes pictures and much more details if you would like. Be confident that you would be okay and that you well pass. Good luck!

Have all those requirements will reach up to your goal. Try your hardest and keep your head up, and if you need help ask your teachers or any staff members that you believe that who can help with anything. Just remember be good and always try to focus. It's very important to graduate, because with out graduating then you're going to have a tough life. Graduating is a key to life!



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