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Company Q Business Ethics

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Company Q has a obligation as a small local business chain to uphold their social responsibility. In the following essay I will be explaining three areas that company Q can improve in regards to the companies attitude towards social responsibility.

Company Q has had request from customers for years to supply health conscience and organic products. There is no reason why it should take years to supply their customers with such healthful choices of food.

Part of social responsibility is Philanthropic dimension. All businesses small and large are expected to contribute to the quality of life and to the welfare of society. Which leads us to the issue at hand company Q has an obligation to their customers for the maximum quality of life.

They not only need to provide food, but it needs to be health oriented, conveniently available, and within economic means.

Along with satisfying its customers, Company Q has an obligation to the community welfare around them. In company Q's description they denied donation of day old food products to a local food bank. Because of a lack of trust in employees. How Absurd. It is their responsibility to give back to the community. Giving day old products that they are going to throw away anyways would be making smart business choices.

Ethical dimension covers behaviors and activities that are expected or prohibited but not codified in law. If their company adopted programs implementing the ethics codes and training they would have less worry over stealing and more growth as a business. As long as Company Q's top management is not implementing the moral ethics necessary, the bottom employees will be undetermined to bother with such compliance.



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