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Compare Contrast Mechanical and Wooden Pencils

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Essay Preview: Compare Contrast Mechanical and Wooden Pencils

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Is mechanical pencil better than wooden pencil? Both are handy writing tools and made of graphite instead of lead. Despite their similarities, they have unique difference that makes them distinct. One difference is how the public perceives them. In addition, they differ on their usefulness.

Mechanical and wooden pencils share similar qualities. Both of these handy tools are used for communication through words or drawings. Pencils are used by all types of people of all ages to write their homework, sketch out plans, or draw pictures. In addition, they both use a mixture of graphite and clay to write because lead is poisonous. Graphite is harmless even if swallowed. Graphite is a soft mineral, so they need clay to harden the "lead". Although mechanical and wooden pencils share a great amount of similar traits, they are very different.

Public perception over mechanical and wooden pencils is one way they are different. Most people prefer mechanical pencils over wooden pencils. One of the reason people stated was that they glide easier on paper, and they don't get dull. Their perception is that the smaller "lead" size prevents snagging while writing, and it stays constantly sharp. On the other hand, some people prefer wooden pencils for its tradition. For example, some people like the traditional pencils because they like the fact that it's been around since the late 1700s. Wooden pencils are proven to work for hundreds of years. These two useful pencils have other qualities that distinguish them from another.

In addition, there is a difference in the usefulness between mechanical and wooden pencils. For example, mechanical pencils are better for those who prefer precision. Also, mechanical pencils are refillable and do not need any sharpening. Furthermore, there are a lot of options to choose how the lead propels out. Lead can come out by using gears from the top, side, or by shaking the pencil. On the other hand, wooden pencils are better for a person who presses hard when writing because it is a stronger lead than the mechanical pencil. Furthermore, it is better at shading than mechanical pencils.

All things considered, mechanical and wooden pencils are similar and different from each other. Despite their similarities, their differences are more prominent. They are unalike with regards to their public opinion and the usefulness between these two types of pencils. Interestingly, these differences prove that both mechanical and wooden pencils are necessary.



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