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Essay Preview: Compare/contrast

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After their high school careers, most people will move on to college so they could get a degree. There are similar elements in setting. Your surrounded by other students, you have to go to class, and you get graded based on your performance. However, the responsibility level for college is a lot higher than in high school.

As a teenager, you are forced to go to high school. In my opinion, I think that a lot of high school students would rather not be there, but there are laws in every state that say children must start school and attend until they reach a certain age (which is usually eighteen). It's not your responsibility to register, your parents take care of that for you. Also, you don't have to pay to attend, unless you choose to go to a private school. It's really not up to whether or not you go, it's just part of life. On the other hand, becoming a college student is entirely your decision. Taking courses is usually recommended to people, but not they are in no way required to go. People who want to start or to better their career take on the responsibility of earning a college degree. They have to make sure they don't miss the deadlines for registering, picking classes, or applying for scholarships or loans. Another reason college students are more responsible than high school students is that they live independently. It's up to them to take care of the place they live, buy their own food, and make sure they get to all their classes. By choosing to be a college student, you take much more responsibilities than in high school.

High school and college are both meant to further you education, but their class structures are completely different. Your schedule for the entire year is made for you when you go to high school. Most classes will be year-long, and only some of them will be by the semester. Also, you have to be in high school from 7:30 to 2:30 every day, Monday thru Friday. Classes for college are usually only once a week, for three hours, In college you pick what classes you want to take on which days, every semester. Another difference is class size. The biggest class that I ever had in high school had twenty six students in it, where in college classes might have up to one hundred people in them. College courses are defiantly less one-on-one. In addition, attendance is closely tracked in high school. Sometime college professors may base a part of your grade on attendance, but they usually do not. You are responsible for being there in order to learn the material and hear their lectures. You spend less time at school in college, which forces you to be responsible and do school work on your own.

Even more different than the way classes are structured is the course work that you have. When you go to high school, class time is used to review and discuss whatever topic you are learning about at the time. You do group activities, watch movies, do work sheets, or whatever other "busy



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