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Concept of Organizational Development

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Essay Preview: Concept of Organizational Development

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Organizational development

This is the process of improving organizations. This process is carefully and skillfully planned and implemented so as to benefit the existence of the organization, its employees and stakeholder. The client organization can be an entire company, public agency, nonprofit making organization, voluntary group or a small part of a larger organization. The process of bringing change in attempts to bring development supports improvement of the organization or group as a whole. Organizational Development differs from traditional consulting because client involvement in this process is encouraged throughout the stages of change.

Concept of Organizational Development.

Sometimes systems in an organization can seem more important than people's issues but organizational development can have a significant impact, because people are the ones who design the systems. The people in the system should be able to influence it. For example at General Motors Nummi plant, suggestions from employees dramatically led to an increase in quality by changing the systems. People may affect systems they use as much as the systems also affect people. Therefore, allowing people to influence the systems which in turn influence them is part of the organizational development. In order for organizational development to work effectively, its users must understand that people are crucial, not just mere "human resources" to be used and then gotten rid of. Organizations can gain optimal effectiveness and gain more profits, if it brings out the best in the people working for it. Organizations that perform well in the world are the good ones to work for. They actively assist their human resources to contribute to the health, productivity and existence of the organization, i.e they let people spend 15% of their time handling their own projects.

Appraising the concept of organizational culture.

Most organizations establish trends whether they try to or not. It is risky for an organization if it fails to understand its culture in today's rapidly changing business world. Therefore, you will find executives more frequently analyzing and being quantitative in their orientation. Cultural assessment is the one which enables an organization to analyze the gaps between current and desired cultures. The alignment of values and goals across subcultures and geographic regions. In most of the companies, a strong dominant culture is always omnipresent throughout the entire organization and across business units or even regions. Individual-organization fits. When an organization grows fast it must hire more labor. It is important that these new recruits fit with the current culture. Organizational change, great companies which are also stable are usually built on both a solid foundation which helps them endure core values and the



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