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Organizational Development Paper

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Organizational Development

Changing people and organizations for positive growth is organization development. To accomplish this, interventions to help people and organizations, including training, coaching, talent management, team-building, change management, and so on are necessary. Organizational development describes a set of values, behavioral science-based theories and strategies to improve organizations. The three major steps in the organizational development process: intervention, evaluation, and diagnosis. Implementation of these steps happens when management believes there are deficiencies in how the organization is functioning. Diagnosis includes collecting information through questionnaires, records, interviews, internal documents, and reports. An intervention takes place after the situations are diagnosed. The intervention techniques consist of the process consultation, team building, third-party intervention, survey feedback, techno structure activities, and skill development. Finally, the evaluation component occurs at the conclusion of the process and must be monitored on a regular basis in organizational development programs for accurate diagnosis.


Certain conditions, which affect the success for organizational change and development are consultants who guide the organization through the change process, top management support, organizational ownership, and general resistance to the change and development process. Through the conditions mentioned, managers determine whether change is needed to enhance effectiveness and determine how effective their organization has been. Managers must realize the importantance of values and needs of their employees. An extremely strong force driving organizational change and development is change in employees' values and needs. Employees in today's society focus on a quality of life alternative instead of financial rewards. All changes and development occur proactively or reactively. Proactive change happens when the organization decides a change is desirable. This type of change and development is well planned. Reactive change occurs when the organization is under pressure from outsiders like the federal government. Changes and development can involve structural, human components, technological, and administrative. Considering these factors is vital for positive growth to be obtained.


All and all, changing people and organizations for positive growth is organizational development. Intervention, evaluation, and diagnosis are the major steps of organizational development. These steps include intervention, evaluation, and diagnosis. After following these steps, certain conditions must be taken into account, which include the change process, management support, organizational ownership, and people



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