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Consumer Bahaviour - Motivate Consumers

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Essay Preview: Consumer Bahaviour - Motivate Consumers

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Motivate Consumers

Strategy 1: Secret Recipe 20th Anniversary

  • This event is start from 24th July 2017- 30th July 2017 at all Secret Recipe Outlet in Malaysia.
  • The purpose of this event is reward to their loyalty customer to support Secret Recipe for 20 years ago.

Tactic 1:  Enjoy Your Lunch with 20% discount

  • This promotion is from 24th July 2017- 30th July 2017, only on Monday to Thursday.
  • Customer can enjoy their lunch with 20% discount.
  • This promotion only for membership.

Tactic 2: Flyer

  • Flyers designed by PR department.
  • Giving out to attractive flyer to attract more customer to know the promotion.
  • The flyer will be giving at all outlet.
  • The flyer include all the details of this event.

Tactic 3: Advertisement

  • The advertisement will created by Secret Recipe PR department.
  • The content of this advertisement is about the summary of Secret Recipe 20th Anniversary and promotion.
  • The duration of this advertisement is around 30 seconds.
  • This advertisement will be published on TV, Secret Recipe YouTube Channel and FB page.

Strategy 2: National day Promotion collaborate with Watson Malaysia

The promotion only on 31th August 2017

Tactic 1: National Day Buffet

  • The promotion date is on 31th August 2017
  • The promotion time is from 1pm- 5pm.
  • Customers can order any foods, cakes or beverages ONLY RM 39.90.
  • This available at certain outlet in Malaysia.









Tactic 2: National Day Colouring Competition

The aim of this competition is give a chance to explore children’s talent.


•        Participants only from 3-7 years old children.


•        The competition is start from 31st August 2017-  30th September 2017

•        All the form can take from all Secret Recipe outlet in Malaysia OR download from our Secret Recipe official website.

•        The closing date for this competition is  30th September 2017

•        Late participants will be disqualified.


•        First Prize: RM100 rebate voucher and free 1 kid set

•        Second Prize: RM50 rebate voucher and free 1 drink



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