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Control Group and Experimental Group Test

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Essay Preview: Control Group and Experimental Group Test

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1) Take another look at the "Specialties in Psychology" on page 31, select any two.Then

do an online search to learn more about those two specialties, identify what you

learned then compare and contrast the two specialties. (Chapter 1)?

Forensic Psychology involves applying psychology to the field of criminal

investigation. The forensic psychology is often involved in insurance claims,

custody disputes, and lawsuites. You will need a doctoral degree in psychology,

most of the time in clinical or counseling psychology. Takes around 5-7 years to

complete. You would earn around $25.000-$45.000/year.

School Psychology involves being trained in psychology and education. A school

psychologist can provide solutions for tomorrows problems through thoughtful and

postitive actions today. Training involves preperation in mental health, child

development, school organization, learning, and behavior and motivation. You must be

lisenced through the state and certified by National School Psychology Certificatin

Borad (NSPCB).

These to diffrent studies are at the complete opposite ends of the science of

psychology. They both are for helping people, but for diffrent reason. Forensic

Psychology is for helping the police solve crimes and for families to have closer to

mystories. School Psychology is to help childen be the best that they can be. Aslo to

teach them to stay away from crime.

the muscles enabling the body to move and react to the pain. 2) Take another look at "The Experimental Method" on page 23-28. Take the following

hypothesis and explain what you would do according to this research method using an

experimental group and control group(explain in detail, step by step), the hypothesis is

"sixth grade boys who watch violent television will act aggressively on the playground.

step 1- Sixth grade boys who watch violent television will act aggressively on the





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