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Critical Thinking and Decision Making

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Essay Preview: Critical Thinking and Decision Making

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Critical Thinking and Decision Making

Critical thinking is requiring that usually individuals use to cope with difficult situations in their daily lives. This can be simple such as what to eat for dinner, or in complex scenarios such as purchasing a house. Some individuals may be subconscious critical thinker, whereas other have dedicated years to developing a critical thinking process that work for them. Culture, upbringing, emotions, values, and thinking style play a major factor role on individual ways to think clearly in the moment to make a decision.

Applying Critical Thinking

There is not right or wrong way to apply critical thinking. We take the time to think and hope that our decision will solve the problem and will be the correct decision. Is normal for an individual to giving a second thought to an outcome decision after taking the time to consider and make the right decision.


We have to take in consideration several factors in the moment we are searching for the right decision. In my personal and first significant decision that I have to take was at the time I just turned 20 years. At the beginning of considering leaving my country Nicaragua and coming to the United States was an adventure with my friends. As I was thinking more deeply into the situation, I new that was a major change in my life. Leaving my mother and the place that I spent all my life was not to easy of decision to make. In the other hand, my first goal was to finish my career and graduate as a professional. The current situation in my country in that time will not allow me to finish my career in the way that I planned.

Critical Risk

"Having intellectual courage means facing and fairly addressing ideas, belief, or viewpoints even when this is painful" (Paul & Elder, 2006, p. 9). I have the courage and take the risk to travel the long road to come to the United States. I left my city town in the middle of the night in a small boat with six of my friends between the ages of 18 to 20. We travel 12 hours from Corinto Nicaragua to Union City in the country of Salvador. After arriving to a new country, new people, and no family to go, we have to stop and deeply thinking if we did the right decision of leaving our country. Each of my friends including myself have a deference plan and goal in our personal live, but the only decision that we have in common was to come to the United States.

Critical Consequences

As we travel crossing the countries of Salvador, Guatemala, and Mexico, we encounter long days of walking in the side of the road hoping to get a ride to the closest town. Panhandler asking people for something to eat, water, and a place to spend the night to rest after a long day of walking. During the travel time, we



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