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Mgt 350 - Critical Thinking: Strategies in Decision Making - Kava Island

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Essay Preview: Mgt 350 - Critical Thinking: Strategies in Decision Making - Kava Island

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Decision in Paradise, Part 1


MGT 350


Decision in Paradise, Part 1

In the South Pacific region is an island called Kava. The diverse population consists of Spanish, Africans, Americans, and French and indigenous that makes up to 50% of the remaining residents. Half of the population is below the age of 15 without any jobs to have.

The areas resources consist of bananas, coffee, spices, and petroleum.

Kava suffers from natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, tsunamis. This leads to epidemics of the Avian Flu and Aids related issues. Personal disasters are from terrorisms and fires set by others which will have havoc on their infrastructure. Our international company, Web Infrastructure Plus sells communication technology, and networking services and also manufacture, develop a host of products of computer software and internet software that will help Kava. With WIP having their mission to use their services to aid in building global markets for corporations and build their shareholder value to sustain the world's economies. Kava's success depends on WIP to help organizations and environmental problems and what affect it can impose on their shareholders.

WIP's Issues in Organization

Alex is the Director of Strategic planning for WIP who is also the receptionist. Nik is a newly hired planner. WIP tries to help Kava by determining and executing staff setup. Alex needs to be freed up to concentrate her direct role of planning and a receptionist should be hired.

To get Kava involved with the economic and global growth, WIP needs to hire locally and build a community based employment outreach programs. Assist in training and developing of computer and technology skills and Kava's operations for the area. By providing the services, WIP is assisting in the dollars that are earned to be put back into the region for economic stimulation. Tax revenues received are put back into Kava's infrastructure and development. Kava's labor laws need to be developed and considered when hiring and minors should be protected from child labor laws.

Communications for Kava employees are necessary for the many languages and WIP needs to ensure that residents speak a minimum of 2.

Kavas Organizational Issues

Infrastructure is Kava's organizations issue. Kava cannot handle the man-made and natural disasters, health issues and revenue growth. Even though they have infrastructure, businesses, local and state and country governments are simple. Kava is unable to handle natural and man-made disasters, grow its revenue base, or handle health issues. Kava faces terrorism within and outside their area and their State department can assist in finding how terrorism plays from the place of origin and with



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