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Thinking and Decision Making

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Essay Preview: Thinking and Decision Making

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Thinking and Decision Making Paper

In the process of comprehending a situation or issue, we normally use our judgment, reasoning, and other forms of dynamic thinking such as Creative thinking, Scientific thinking, Logical thinking etc.. to fully understand it.

Creativity is an ability to create or think of something new or original. It has the skills of modification, imagery, flexibility, elaboration and originality. The purpose of creative thinking is to search for new creativity and promote divergence. Creative thinkers normally focus on exploring ideas, seeking for many correct answers and possibilities. They also accept change and new ideas, willingly to adapt with different environment while looking for possible ways to improve. Creative thinkers work hard and continually to improve ideas and solutions, by making gradual alterations and refinements to their works. (VirtualSalt, n.d,).

From business stand point, the managers often expect their employees will be expert problem solvers. Creativity and creative problem solving (CPS) skills cultivate whole brain thinking, which aids business in their search for new products, ideas for improved products, efficiencies in business procedures, and coping with changes in the working environment. (Beyond brainstorming). Business is changing rapidly due to various external factors such as globalization, environment, technology, diversity among consumers. Therefore as an organization, promoting creativity and innovation are those aspects of organization culture. Creative thinking and innovation are particularly useful during Strategic Planning (when strategizing) and in Product and Service Management (when designing new products and services). (Free Management Library, n.d.).

In contrast to creative thinking, scientific thinking is, in short, self-direct, self-disciplined, self-monitored, and self-corrective. Critical thinking is consistently disciplined in its management process and from the disciplined manner it can facilitate generation of new knowledge and increase understanding as a natural human function, and an embedded skill that all of us have and can develop further. Through the centuries scientific thinking proved itself to be more productive than any other way of thinking we know of. (Van Thinking Skill Development, n.d.).

Logical thinking on the other hand has the ability to think logically, using reasons, concept and facts to work out a solution. "All logical thinking is sequential thought, says Dr. Albrecht. I think that logic and reasoning are to let us to think in a certain orders or steps to have an objective view of something around us. (Socyberty, n.d.).


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