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Cultural Factors of Workone

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A. Hoffman Consumer Market

Cultural Factors of WorkOne

WorkOne motto is to get people jobs. Most of WorkOne success is based off of this motto. WorkOne works with people from every genre Rich, Poor, Black, White, Hispanic, people with degrees and people with no educational at all. People who are looking to go to school or need help with finding a job or writing a resume use our services. WorkOne has no specific geographic area that it focuses on. You can find a WorkOne office anywhere in the United States (names may differ some but the services are the same). Due to WorkOne being a federally funded resources are services are limited but are free to everyone who walks through the door.

Social Factors of WorkOne

WorkOne is a federally funded resource where most of its focus is on people with no education, no job, and no experience in the workforce. WorkOne has established programs which help people obtain their GED's, Certificate in a certain working field or Associates degree in a career that is in-demand. Current WorkOne has a program geared towards individuals who lost their jobs (due to no fault of their own) get back into the workforce by making them work ready. Individuals who have worked for a company all their life and then lose their jobs are taught how to survive in this new age technology though workshops and one on one counseling. Once an individual completes the program they are given a certificate that is recognized nationally and are given job opportunities that others without this training are not given.



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